These are the two main soft plastic companies we use on our show and fishing. Although we do not have our own colors or special made lures. We carry the colors and lures that we use the most of in the perspective brands.

No worries though, we are currently working on some of our own designs and are excited to get them out and on the market so you can catch fish with them soon.

By ordering these baits from us, you help support our show and kids who are battling life threatening illness through the Chad Scanlon Foundation.

Take a look around, I guarantee and have proven time and time again, these baits catch fish!

If you would like to view more of these fine products, just click on their logo to see more colors and products.
Xcite Baits Color Chart Raptor Tail Jr. & Raptor Tail Chunk
Xcite Maximus Colors
  • Raptor Tail Chunk 3
    Raptor Tail Chunk 3"

  • Raptor Tail Jr.
    Raptor Tail Jr.

  • Maximus 10 1/2
    Maximus 10 1/2" Worm

  • X-Lock (Power Shakey Head)
    X-Lock (Power Shakey Head)