Cody is a typical seven year old who has a remarkable talent for locating and catching fish. Along with his Dad (Keith) they travel to various lakes catching a variety of fish. Their goal is to show families how much fun the outdoors can be by showing the continuity between a father and his son.
Not only do they have fun but they also show you where to locate fish, techniques on how to catch fish, along with lure selection and presentation, all with the unique insight of a child.
With the addition of their pro-staff, this show will give different angles and perspectives, not only on how to catch fish but will soon be adding the element of hunting through the eyes of a child.

Keith is a disabled Veteran of the Gulf War era. He continues his commitment to our country by investing in todays youth. He spent ten years as an Army Airborne Engineer. He received many accommodations and awards during his time of service before being released from Army with a life threatening and career ending disability. Although his disability is not easily recognizable. He refuses to let it be in the way of giving back to our youth.

Cody along with his Dad compete in several bass fishing tournaments together as a team. This duo quite frequently best their older competition with Cody's talents as an angler. Keith's main objective for these tournaments is for his son to have fun and learn the valuable lessons of good clean competition.
"My main goal for this show is to educate our youth and parents about the great outdoors. To show parents how spending time together with their child in the outdoors has many positive values that children today need to know." (Keith Hays)

Keith once told me that he puts "God, Family and Country first above all things.... and in that order." He believes that if you get any one of those three mixed up in life than you begin to lose site of what is important.